AVG Rescue USB

AVG Rescue USB 120.120126

Remove viruses without starting Windows


  • Includes repair tools
  • Offers many customization options


  • Scans very slowly


AVG Rescue USB is an antivirus tool that lets you repair PC system crashes, now available for USB drives.

AVG Rescue USB for your USB offers the same options AVG's traditional Rescue CD. You've got antivirus protection, and now it's portable so you can take it anywhere you like. It will update and analyze any Windows-compatible hard disk and eliminate any viruses it detects.

The advantage of using AVG Rescue USB as opposed to just an antivirus program installed directly on Windows is that many viruses disable your operating system. Not having to start Windows means the virus will be unable to disable AVG Rescue USB, so you will be able to locate and delete the virus more effectively. The scans are pretty slow at times, but it gets the job done.

AVG Rescue USB also offers several security tools. The antivirus itself joins joins a comprehensive toolkit. It includes Midnight Commander, a two panel file manager, Windows Registry Editor, TestDisk, a hard drive recovery tool, Ping, a network resources tester, and common Linux programs and services such as vi text editor, OpenSSH daemon and more.

To use AVG Rescue USB, just copy the contents of the RAR file onto a USB drive that has at least 256MB of free space.

With a lot of great security and recovery features, AVG Rescue USB is a powerful tool to add to your PC's security arsenal.

AVG Rescue USB


AVG Rescue USB 120.120126

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